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Monday, October 22, 2012

End of the Season Project

I've been rushing around out in the yard lately trying to get things "Winter Ready".   And I finally managed to get the yards and gardens cleaned up and tidy before the first freeze.  It took some work but for the most part they are ready to go.  And in the process I also managed to finish a project I started a few weeks ago.  My backyard reading/reflecting bench is officially done!!  After hauling all of the blocks one by one by hand I'm whooped but I think it turned out to be really cute.  It will be a great place to read my latest book and spend time star gazing. I'm very proud of it and with a little more landscaping it will be just perfect!!

 This is the finished product.  I have a very cute floral cushion and pillow to place on it, but a thunderstorm was on the way, so I had them in storage.  I also added some solar lights so it would glow at night time.  I can't wait to put it to good use.

During my clean-up I came across this little nugget. Along with the solar lights for the bench, I also placed a couple in the veggie garden I built earlier this year.  I had literally just placed them in the garden when I turned around to find my sweet Gracie like this.  While this is not at all how I intended them to be used, I couldn't help finding it adorable.  I mean how can you get mad at something like that?

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