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Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's been awhile.....but I've got some Spring pretties to show for it.

Well it's been a looong time since my last post.  And there has been alot that has happened in my absence.  One thing that has happened which I never thought would be an my faith in Mother Nature has been really tested lately.  She hasn't exactly been very kind.  In the last week my hometown has gone through some severe devastation all at the hands of our Mother.  May 20th my hometown of Moore, Ok was hit by yet another F5 tornado that ravaged many homes, businesses and lives.  We lost 24 wonderful people including 7 young children.  My hometown still isn't the same and probably won't look or feel normal for quite sometime.  Then on May 31st while still reeling from the Monday storm, my home state was again hit by another F5 tornado just west of the the one that hit Moore.  The same evening we experience life threatening flooding that pretty much put most of our metro areas at a stand still.  We lost 20 more Oklahomans on this day. 

So needless to say, my faith in Mother Nature and all her wonder has been dwindling.

But then this happened....... Two days after the second storm, I woke up and went outside.  The sky was void of all clouds, the trees were swaying in the wind, and a beautiful breeze was blowing over head.  Birds were singing and squirrels were enjoying a nice frolic on the fence line.  It was almost like nothing from the previous week had even happened.  Like Mother Nature was providing an offering for all the havoc she had caused. 

Then I went to my gardens to see if I had anything that had managed to survive all of the wind, hail, and rain......

          and this is what I found.......

Beautiful colors and sustained life!!!  While there was some minor tidying that needed to be done.  It's as if all the flowers were speaking a language I understood.  Peace and beauty can still thrive to exist amongst all of the turmoil.   Then I thought back to something I once read......

The voice that beautifies the land!
The voice above,
The voice of thunder,
Within the dark cloud
Again and again it sounds,
The voice that beautifies the land.

---Excerpt from the Navajo poem...Twelfth song of the Thunder.

So in turn, after a walk through my gardens and listening to nature speak....My faith in Mother Nature and all her mysterious wonder has been restored.


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