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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wild World of Rescues....

My little animal kingdom....

Anyone who knows me, knows my of intense love of animals.  Big, little, furry, or feathered I love them all.  And if there is an animal in trouble, I go in to instant action mode in order to save or protect them.  I am joking called the dog whisperer because of all of the strays that I pick up and try to return to their homes.
Since I work outdoors, I am lucky enough to share my job site with all types of creatures.  For the most part we got along great, and very rarely have any problesms. Unfortunately I do come across a few that need help. And lucky for them my crew and I are there to do what we can to make their lives better.

 We came across these two little birds at separate times.  Each one had encountered an incident that had hindered them from flying.  So we swooped in made them both boxes off of the floor away from harm or kitties and nurtured them until they were able to soar off again.  Both ended up happy and healthy.

This little nugget came all the way to us from Florida.  We receive loads of tropical plants from a farm in Florida, when we were unloading them one day out of the corner of my eye I saw something move.  And to my surprise it was this little anole lizard. She was only about an inch long and I was worried if we didn't save her she would get run over by machinery or customers.  So we captured her and I took her home.  I made her a little home with all kinds of things for her to play with.  Her name was Loki and I had her just over a year.  On a lovely Spring day I decided it was time that she get a true lizards kingdom and I released her into the wild of my garden.  I miss her, but on a few special occasions I still run across her to this day....she has grown to a size of about 3 inches, so I think her new home is treating her well.
 These little fur balls are two of my very favorite rescues.  "G" the black kitty has lived in my nursery for 6 years.  She was born in it and when all the rest of her cat family left she stayed and has been with us ever since.  "Monster" the grey kitty was found in the nursery a week after the "Oklahoma Blizzard" two winters ago.  He was with us for just over a year, but unfortunately because of his male cat ways he was out roaming and met an untimely end after a run-in with a car.  I still am not quite over it, I miss him so very much, but at least I know that his last year was spent with people that loved him.   Customers that discover these two always ask...Do you feed them?  Are they OK?  Our response is that they are spoiled rotten.  We built them a warm little cat box, and they are fed twice a day.  They are very fat and happy.

Ever since Monsters departure, G has really come around to us humans.  While she used to keep her distance from us, she know allows us to get within a foot or two from her.  She has sniffed my fingertips twice during feedings and she plays with a toy we made her.  This is a picture of her in her new bed.  This is her afternoon sleep spot, and as you can see I wasn't real cool with her sleeping on a hard piece of plywood, so we placed this bed in the racking and I think she just might like it.
Lastly these are my two most very favorite rescues.  My pups Gracie and Sophie.  I adopted them both from local shelters here in Oklahoma, and they have been the loves of my life ever since. 
There are other rescues I have come across but if I listed them all this post would be 5 pages long, so I decided just to list a few of my favorites.  I wish everyone could take time out of their day to love or help animals in need.  Not only do these little creatures appreciate it, they will spend their lifetimes loving you for the favor.

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